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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Introduce a friend and both of you will receive a 10% discount!!!!!


Terms & Conditions

  • 10% discount applies to current customers introducing new customers only. Must be claimed by both the introducer & people introduced during the first term only. Discounts will not be given in retrospect.
  • The current customer can only receive 1 10% discount per term. Therefore if a current customer introduces more than 1 person in a term, only 10% will be deducted.
  • 10% deductions will appear on the following terms invoice of the current customer and only if the new customer completes the term that they started, and no refunds have been requested
  • The new customer will have the 10% deduction off their first invoice.
  • There is no financial reward for those who no longer swim with us that have introduced a new customer. The new customer will receive a 10% discount if they disclose the name of the person that introduced them.
  • New customers must book at least 10 lessons in order to receive 10% discount.
  • Current customers will only receive 10% discount if the new customer books at least 10 sessions.
  • You can not introduce yourself. Therefore if you have a child that swims, you will not get a deduction when siblings join.
  • Valid for group lessons only. 1-2-1, 2-2-1, 3-2-1 and casual customers can introduce a friend but will not receive a discount. However, the new customer will receive the 10% discount, but only if they enroll in a group lesson.
  • As only 1 10% discount is allowed per invoice, anyone who currently receives a VG discount will not receive a further discount.